Marshall Rosenberg was especially interested in applying NVC to Social Change efforts. Certainly one of the best ways to honour his work is to develop a social change muscle. During this session, we will do some ‘flexing’ and explore the ways in which NVC can support us in becoming more engaged in social change work. For some people this may mean active involvement with political, socio-economic or environmental issues and for others it may mean the various ways we engage with our loved ones and colleagues around the seemingly benign day to day tasks and necessities that draw on our attention.

This is a day for rolling up our collective sleeves so that we might positively influence the current human and planetary story and come to know on a deeper level what it means to be life-serving citizens and live from NVC consciousness.
We want to encourage people who already have connection and experience with NVC, to stretch and think ”outside of the box” with these two very experienced trainers and facilitators.

Certified Trainers Rachelle Lamb & Leslie Williamson

Rachelle is a speaker, writer, workshop presenter, communication coach and certified NVC trainer. She has worked in the field of Interpersonal Relating and Conflict Resolution for over 20 years. Countless clients have learned how to skillfully navigate interpersonal conflict and challenges through her guidance and instruction, quite often leading to profound breakthrough. Her lifelong interest in human development, relationship dynamics and the roles that culture and ecology play in people’s lives, along with her ability to skillfully pave the way for transformational dialogue between people consistently produces powerful learning experiences for individuals and audiences.
Leslie is a coach, facilitator, keynote speaker and certified NVC trainer. She has been teaching Nonviolent Communication Skills for the past thirteen years. She began her career in the counselling field 23 years ago. Leslie creates a safe environment for individuals to open their minds and hearts, to hear how they might heal themselves, to expand their minds and to walk with more peace in their hearts. Leslie has been fortunate to work as a trainer in native organizations across Canada from Vancouver in the west, to Inuvik in the north, to Kuujjuaq in northern Quebec.

When: Saturday, April 29th, 2017 from 9:00am to 3:30pm.
Where: Lord Stanley Suites on the Park, 1889 Alberni Street, West End, Vancouver, BC
Lunch & Snacks included in cost.

Register by April 2: BCNCC Members $115/non-members $135
After March 3: BCNCC Members $135/non– members $155