Catherine StricklandI am passionate about helping people bring more harmony, authenticity and connection into their lives through effective communication. I believe that our habitual patterns of communication often result in misunderstanding, conflict and isolation. Effective and compassionate communication is particularly important in parent/child relationships where attachment and trust are essential to the healthy emotional development of the child.

I offer communications training, workshops and coaching for companies, parents, teachers and non-profit organizations that build skills to resolve conflicts with more ease, support authenticity and harmony in relationships and allow people to integrate their core values into their work, school, and family relationships. I empower clients to turn challenging situations into opportunities for growth, understanding and connection.

As a parent, I have learned first hand the key role that compassionate communication brings to close parent/child relationships. Children thrive when their ideas and needs are heard and honoured and leads to a willingness to contribute to the joy of others through cooperation, love and compassion.

My professional training includes an undergraduate degree in engineering from the University of BC and a master’s degree in resource and environmental management from Simon Fraser University, university study in child development, learning and learning disabilities, and six years of training in Nonviolent Communication.

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