Going for Gold

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The regular Olympics are over but I’m still going for the gold, aiming to set some personal bests, shooting for some world records.  I have two new workshop dates confirmed and, after my not-quite-top-secret Own the Workshop Podium training program at Original Yin, I am confident that my next workshops will be my best yet.  I’m considering wearing a skin-tight, state-of-the-art, highly-aerodynamic suit so that I can cut hundredths of seconds off my time as I move about the room attending to all participants needs.  With all the grueling hours I’ve put into my training at Original Yin, I’m confident I’ll have the stamina to perform all the necessary moves – triples axles, iron crosses, and other cool stuff.  Where I really plan to shine is with my artistic impression as Albert continues to wrench more and more emotional depth from places I didn’t think it could be stored.

Please see more details about these workshops under events.  Also, in order to bring in the size of workshop crowds needed to generate the gold-medal-workshop frenzy that is so crucial for helping workshop facilitators push beyond their limits, until their lungs explode, would you be willing to spread the information of these workshops to anyone who might be interested?


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