Denny Warner

I began my journey with Nonviolent Communication 6 years ago as a member of a practice group where we shared facilitation.

At that time I was a parent of two small children and initially felt immense hope when I realized the potential for relating to children in a way that was radically different from the dominator paradigm that was present in most parenting relationships I saw.

I moved on to participate in and facilitate parenting and empathy groups and I saw where the NVC strategy had application in all the relationships in my life. I continued my own growth and learning through inspiring sessions with many certified trainers including an intensive training with Marshall Rosenberg. I have contributed to the Nonviolent Communication movement as a board member of the BC Network for Compassionate Communication for the past four years. I have experienced a true sense of freedom and peace since incorporating compassion for self and others into my consciousness and language. I feel privileged and excited to have opportunities to build a larger community of people (baby giraffes) who want to live with peace in their heart.

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