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I just spent two hours connecting with a new person today. I had arranged the meeting a few weeks before and so I knew a little bit about her from her post on the CNVC website. Glenda Mattison is a certified NVC trainer originally from the Maritimes who now lives in Toronto. After Ubering through hectic Toronto traffic, I entered her office and the first thing I noticed was that I immediately felt safe and welcomed.

We hugged and I sat down on her couch. She invited me to begin by giving her a sense of who I was and why I was there. In telling my story I found myself close to tears a few times which to me is again a good indicator of a safe space. She then told me about her journey to and with NVC. We discovered that we knew many of the same trainers and we seemed to resonate energetically.
She then shared that she ‘loved’ to work with conflict and suggested that we use a collaborative process that she uses with clients to work with a conflict that I had alluded to while relating my story. She wrote out the observations and needs on both sides as well as possible strategies on a very nifty flip chart that also printed out the finished product for the client to take home. The experience produced new insights and a window into how she works with people.

I told her that I felt guided to connect with her because of circumstances in my life but that I really had no idea what form the connection/collaboration would take. I am always excited to experience connection between trainers within the province and across the country as well as world wide and I am looking forward to a continued connection with Glenda. She can be reached at 416-333-2900 and also on the BCNCC website.