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KILN Trainer Candidate Program

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Join us on a 10 month journey to:

Know ourselves

Inspire social change

Lead the way with


KILN: a 10-month immersion program for NVC Trainer Candidates (Jan – Nov 2018)

Lead Trainers: Angela Walkley and Mitch Miyagawa

Assessor/Director: Penny Wassman

Location: Gabriola Island, British Columbia



The KILN Vision

Imagine that you, in your current journey of integrating and sharing NVC, are like a clay pot. The clay pot has form and shape, but is missing the final transformation needed to hold water and fulfill its purpose.

You are looking for your own process of fire; a process that brings together what you offer – your uniqueness, passion for change, knowledge and skills – with the heat of support, structure, experience, collaboration, commitment and connections.

This is the vision for KILN: to fire and inspire you to be a powerful vessel in the world.

What is KILN?

KILN is a ten-month immersion program for people who have been studying NVC (at least 10-20 days of training) and who are on the path to becoming NVC Trainers. It is a hands on opportunity for collaboration and stepping into the leadership role of a trainer. It offers a unique combination of experiences (eg. retreat, online calls, camp, and projects) within a supportive community of fellow learners, all guided by experienced and creative Certified Trainers.

We see NVC as a powerful approach and worldview to support movements, organizations and individuals working towards important social and environmental changes and initiatives. We believe there is a great need for compassionate, conscious leaders to guide these shifts to a more life-affirming culture. We want to both be this kind of leader, and support others to step towards this as well.

The goal of KILN is to support each individual’s integration and unique expression of NVC, to explore NVC-based approaches towards greater social goals, and to assist candidates to complete the CNVC requirements for Certification. The program is lead by CNVC Trainers Angela Walkley and Mitch Miyagawa with direction and guidance by CNVC Assessor Penny Wassman.

“I approached Mitch and Angela to create this program because I recognized there were a number of very able individuals already offering NVC in Western Canada who had expressed an interest in certification. I wanted to support them (and interested people from other areas) on their journey. I specifically asked Angela and Mitch because they are very familiar with my approach to certification, live in British Columbia, and also because I hold them as highly skilled and experienced educators living and sharing the NVC process with enthusiasm, commitment and full hearts. Mitch and Angela’s feedback will be invaluable to both me and the candidates.” – Penny Wassman

KILN is for…

Registered NVC Trainer Candidates who are:

change-makers, active in social organizations, groups, or enterprises

yearning to contribute towards the kind of world they long for through nonviolence and compassion

You may be at different stages of your certification process, such as:

just beginning your work with your assessor and are looking for a supportive community and structure

have been contributing and offering NVC, but haven’t pulled all the pieces together for certification

completed the on- paper requirements, and are looking for support in pulling it all together and integrating the knowledge with your way of being and showing up in the world.

For more information and to register go to: