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My experience with NVC in Canada

By July 19, 2019September 29th, 2021No Comments

By Claudia Sánchez @Comunicacionplena


I have dreams about being an active peace agent, I imagine helping communities that can navigate differences and conflicts in ways that serve life. When I am out there trying to spread my interest to help building skills for peace, I need to feel supported internally and externally. 

I said yes to come to Canada to participate in Wheel, a 9 month program about Nonviolent Communication. This experience has been for me the space to gather all my inner resources, to meet people I now call friends and take deep dives for self inquiry. I had an intention when I started the program and it was to feel more empowered and to love myself more. The time together, the conversations had lead me to a place where I feel more solid in my intention. 

I am more aware of the connection between my body and reactions to daily life situations. I notice more how a thought can lead to a reaction and to a life serving interaction or to one that alienates us both. This has been a beautiful way to prepare myself for the work I want to do in the world and in South America. I was born in Colombia and I traveled to Canada to do the Wheel program.

Wheel is a 9 month experience with people who share a commitment to self inquiry, integration and transformation through compassion, movement and empathy. It is based on the philosophy, processes, and practices of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and includes a somatic approach that you have likely not experienced before. It will run again this fall 2019 and you can check Angela’s website:


WHEEL revolves around the themes of inner Work, being of Service, learning from Community, making Conscious Life Choices and close Relationships.