Angela Walkley

Angela Walkley, MA, is the co-founder of Farthest Shore Workshops and the Salish Sea Empathy Society, and the founder of the social change facilitation firm, Cambio Consulting.

For over 20 years, Angela has facilitated groups through decision-making, conflict and personal change. She has held space for the exploration of the inner landscape, and has walked many miles with First Nations, Government, non-profit organizations, and community leaders striving to make decisions together for the future of their surrounding natural world and their communities.

Currently, Angela leads several long-term and annual programs, including: KILN, a program supporting trainer candidates; WHEEL, a regional 9-month program for people inspired to provide empathy to those in need; The NVC Body and Mind Immersion at the Haven Retreat Centre; and the Gabriola NVC (all ages) Summer Camp. She also offers training in facilitation and workshops for those deepening in NVC.

Power and privilege and practices for supporting capacity development and shared power are topics of significant focus for Angela. She has worked on leadership development projects in Canada’s north, India, Ecuador and Mexico. And is passionate about finding ways to model innovative approaches to this topics in her own work.

Somatic awareness is a key part of Angela’s offerings, integrating her knowledge of yoga and her experience of how somatic awareness has played out in her mediation of high conflict situations. She incorporates movement into her offerings and teaches yoga (Vijnana 800 hours) in her home community on Gabriola Island.

Angela works closely with CNVC assessor Penny Wassman providing support to her Trainer Candidates and seeking opportunities for potential trainer candidates with limitations related to access and finances.

When not in front of a group, Angela can be found slowly (sometimes painfully) developing a hobby farm on Gabriola, practicing yoga and exploring hidden pockets in nature with her husband Mitch Miyagawa (also an NVC trainer) and their two boys.

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