Mary Ellen McNaughton

Mary Ellen McNaughton, has a Masters in Counselling Psychology from UBC and has been incorporating the frame of NVC into her counselling practice since her introduction to it in 1999.

Working with individuals, couples and families Mary Ellen focuses on the communication we have in our own head or ‘self-talk’, often with the help of a step by step debriefing or self-empathy flow sheet as well as shifting communication patterns between people. She also does bereavement counselling on contract with the Central Okanagan Hospice Association and collaborative coaching with the Okanagan Collaborative Family Law Association.

As an adjunct professor at UBCO she teaches nonviolent communication in the context of Relational Practice to nursing students. She is on the board of BCNCC and does workshops and trainings in NVC by request in the Okanagan.

In the context of family as well as work and play, the tools and consciousness of NVC continues to inform her thinking and be the place she turns to for self-connection and support. Her website is and her email address is

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