We are a non-profit organization working to help people to be empowered with compassion and the skills to create it through the promotion of workshops and literature based on Nonviolent Communication, as developed by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Our goal is to be a hub that connects people around B.C. who are wanting to participate in compassionate communication workshops with the opportunities to do so. We also help to promote community practice groups, as well as connect facilitators with one another for the purpose of both shared support and mentoring.

BC Network for Compassionate Communication

Our Mission Statement

The BC Network for Compassionate Communication (BCNCC) is a British Columbia non-profit society, which supports the mission of the international Center for Nonviolent Communication www.cnvc.org – to live and teach the process of compassionate, nonviolent communication, which strengthens the ability of people to connect with themselves and one another, share resources and resolve conflict peacefully.

Just as we are individually striving to communicate with each other in a more heart-centered and effective way, we are also striving to build a new kind of organization which will allow us to maintain this quality of connection as we work together. We value principles of equality, respect, and heart-centered interaction in developing strategies to bring NVC to greater numbers of people. Modeling NVC in our group interactions, leadership, one-on-one interactions, and consensus decision-making is an important learning goal for all members of the leadership team.

“Violence comes from the belief that other people cause our pain and therefore deserve punishment.”

– Marshall Rosenberg